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Offers potential solutions on concealed carry

To the editor:

In reference to Mike Anthony's recent concealed-carry column, I would like to express an opinion that both sides might be able to live with.

I am for concealed carry, but the voters said no in 1999 by a very narrow margin.

The Legislature has three choices. 1. Put it back on the ballot. 2. Live with it. 3. Bring it back in a compromise form.

Concealed carry could be from dusk 'til dawn on highways in your cars; no carry around gatherings such as parades; and no carry in businesses, schools, churches, government buildings, etc.

Many states find that after initial concealed-carry permits are issued, the next time around, many people don't renew.

The will of the people should be observed. Different legislation should be considered or there should be no carry until it is brought before the voters again.

A quick word on Mike Povich. I don't want to get between Mike and the letter writer but I do want to say this. Mike is an Air Force Vietnam veteran and his son Tony is in the Marines and had been serving in the Middle East.

Yes, if people want to cross strike lines, that is their right. To my knowledge, none of the strikers blocked entrance to the stores. Those who wanted to honor the strike, such as myself, also have a right to shop elsewhere.

Mike left the Democrats and has always supported family values. Many or should I say almost all of our citizens are patriotic and a lot are God fearing. Views are not always shared, but in this day of uncertainty, we need to pull together as best we can.

Ron Wagganer


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