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Baghdad trip changes his view about Bush

To the editor:

My hat is off to President Bush and the other brave souls who accompanied him on Air Force One to Baghdad.

Some may say the reason Mr. Bush went was to boost his public relations, but I don't think so.

I believe it came from his heart. After all, he along with all the others were in constant danger of being shot down with surface-to-air missiles.

Even though they were flying below the radar and under the cover of night, their lives still were in grave danger. Some Democrats praised him, while others criticized him, saying the only reason he did it was to improve his public relations and saying it put our country in danger.

I know there are a lot of American troops and citizens who have changed their views about the president, including myself. In closing I say thank God that everyone made it back home safe. There is no place like being home for the holidays, is there?

David Scoby


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