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Cooks serve up award-winning recipes for Call contest

When Doreen Hanneken's family members sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, they'll get a firsthand taste of how she puts her award-winning Orange Glazed Turkey recipe to use.

Hanneken of Concord is one of 10 winners in Call Newspapers' seventh annual Home for the Holidays recipe contest. She claimed the top prize in the Tender Turkey category for the second year in a row, and won the Lovable Leftovers category with her Chinese Turkey Salad recipe. She is the only person this year to win in more than one category.

Recipe contest winners in 11 categories will split nearly $5,000 worth of gift certificates and prizes.

Doreen and Don Hanneken have been married for 31 years and have been Thanksgiving dinner hosts most of those years.

"Holidays are special,'' Doreen said. "I probably go a little overboard on it.''

Hanneken said she has won awards from Call Newspapers "at least five times.''

"I've always collected recipes,'' she said. "After I collect them, I make little tweaks.''

Don appreciates tasting the food, but it does have one side effect.

"I could definitely shed 50 pounds, and it wouldn't hurt anything,'' he said.

Lisa Rapp of St. Louis repeated in the Scintillating Side Dishes category with instructions for her Harvest Rice Dish. She has won the Call's contest nine times now.

She said she can tell by looking at a recipe if it will work.

"Usually, I can tell by just looking at the ingredients if it's going to be good or not,'' she said. "Only a few times have I judged wrong.''

Her Harvest Rice Dish is a proven winner.

"I've made it a lot,'' she said. "It goes over really well with the family.''

Dave White of Sunset Hills proved to be a "Positive Roll Model,'' winning that category with an Orange Glazed Holiday Bread recipe.White, the only male winner, was a first-time entrant.

His wife, Carol, won the Holiday Hams category last year and the Holiday Beverages category the year before.

She said she and her husband share cooking duties.

"He's a very good cook,'' she said. "He cooks like crazy.''

Dave's late father, Wilbur, was a cook in the U.S. Army, and he owned a sandwich shop near Union Station years ago.

Dave makes poppy-seed bread each holiday season for his co-workers at A.G. Edwards & Sons Inc. He said cooking draws him closer to his wife.

"Since we don't see each other as much as we'd like, dinner is a time to get together and catch up on things,'' he said.

Louise Hauf of Crestwood repeats as the Deserving Dressings winner with her German Apple Stuffing recipe.

She said she believes her recipes stand out because they are vegetarian, out of respect for her vegetarian son.

Catherine Fritz of Waterloo, Ill. topped the Holiday Hams category with her recipe for a Holiday Honey Ham after winning the Lovable Leftovers category in last year's contest.

Pamela Stuart of Oakville won the Hors d'oeuvres category for her Cranberry-Brie Bites recipe.

Janet Short of Concord had the most super of the Super Soups recipes submitted this year. Her Black Bean Soup recipe was a winner.

Patti Kappel of Oakville's Winter Fruit Salad recipe was deemed most special in the Special Salads category.

Michelle Moceri of Concord won the Just Desserts category with her Almond Tea Ring recipe, and Mary Massey of Waterloo, Ill., claimed top honors in the Holiday Beverages Category with her Apricot Brandy Slush recipe.

Co-sponsors of the seventh annual Call Newspapers' Home for the Holiday's recipe contest include Curves, Scandals, The Blue Owl, Bill Gianino's, Tsevis', Glamour Shots, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, J.B. Wilson's, Roberto's, Hartmann's Treasures, Sappington Farmers Market, Creations, McArthur's, Heavenly Ham, Kenricks, Ali Cats, Cisco's, Presents of Mine, The Old House and Cafe Manhattan.

Winners of this year's recipe contest can pick up their prizes at the Call office, 9977 Lin Ferry Drive, St. Louis, Mo. 63123 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. any day beginning Tuesday, Nov. 25.

Prizes must be claimed in person and cannot be mailed.

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