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Mehlville needs complete overhaul

To the editor:

Kudos to Mr. Bauman for having the courage to say the things I have wanted to for so many years.

The Mehlville School District needs a complete overhaul. I grew up receiving my education here and wanted my children to get the same. However, when I moved back and enrolled my first child, I realized things were not the same.

As a student, I was treated with respect, given the opportunity to think and speak freely — within reason — and in turn, received what I believed to be, an excellent education. As a parent, I am not allowed any of these. As a matter of fact, I have been shunned; and simply told, "I'm sorry, but those are the rules,'' without any real explanation.

My oldest son was having difficulty in school and the principal wanted to meet with us. We set up a meeting. I was there, my son was there; however, she never showed. I never so much as received a phone call, much less an apology.

I consider myself lucky in that there is a 10-year span between the ages in my two children. It gives me a 10-year break from the frustration I constantly feel. I must say that Oakville Senior High did have one excellent counselor. Mr. Heitman. He truly cared what happened to my son; and tried to help in any way possible to understand what it was he was going through.

However, much to our deepest regrets, Mr. Heitman passed away at the beginning of his junior year. He was the only person who gave him direction.

For a child to attend four years of high school and not graduate, there's a problem. Yet, the bigger problem lies with the fact that nobody cared. Nobody asked why. Well, to let the faculty, administration and board know; we didn't need you.

He went on to get his GED, an applied science degree in Architectural CADD, carrying a 4.0 grade-point average in physics, and is now working toward his bachelor's degree in architectural engineering. My only thanks I have to give is to Mr. Heitman.

My greatest concern now lies with my youngest. He is highly gifted and has won many awards. Will Mehlville let him fall through the cracks as well? The current board and administration seems more involved or focused on making more rules and spending our money behind our backs — not educating our children. Why does my child have to pay for an art class — a class he has no choice but to take. This is ridiculous. Yet the school board can tromp down — take a little trip on our money — to find a new superintendent? Why didn't they let him drive up here? Wouldn't that have been cheaper?

And I would like to see the job description for someone making that kind of money. Why does he need a car allowance?

Is this to attend functions around the district? If so, I have yet to see any/either superintendent at one of my son's evening concerts or give him an academic award.

What will the school board do next with the blank check we've written them? I'd like to know why two relatively new grade schools needed roof repairs. Were there no warranties obtained prior to construction?

You are probably wondering why I don't run for school board? It would take an act of God, yes God, and not Congress, to clean up this mess. Then you have this indifferent, unconcerned person who is more worried about a nepotism rule being violated than what is going on in the schools. American politics at its finest.

And lastly, I'm not sure if it's the newspapers or the district that makes the decision as to what is submitted. But I would like to know why every single sporting event is covered; however, when it comes to academic achievements, very little, if anything, is mentioned.

I don't know about you, but I've never heard of someone becoming the CEO of a company by winning a race or being a football star.

Brenda Harris


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