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Resident disturbed by CSGA tactics

To the editor:

The city of Crestwood is trying to map out its future redevelopment.

The Crestwood Smart Growth Alliance, headed by Kelly Isherwood, himself a resident of Oakville, is trying to get signatures of Crestwood residents to head the city in a certain direction regarding the Watson/Grant area.

I don't know much about politics or re-development, but I do know that two tactics of the CSGA have disturbed me:

1) Fliers from the CSGA soliciting help from Crestwood residents were placed on vehicles at my church a few weeks ago without permission from the pastor.

2) An individual from CSGA came to my house yesterday with a petition and coerced my high school daughter into signing his petition. My daughter knows nothing about the redevelopment situation, and I was not home at the time.

There will be a meeting of Crestwood residents at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 18, at the Crestwood City Hall. This is the second of several forums offered to get citizen input into redevelopment possibilities in our city.

I hope residents think seriously about attending this and future meetings since we and our children will be the ones living with what is decided.

Mary Vieth


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