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'It sounds like Mr. Heins is a few bubbles off'

To the editor:

Help me get this story straight.

1. Mehlville had a weak nepotism prohibition. 2. Mehlville passed a strong anti-nepotism policy. 3. Mr. Fowler left the board and his wife was hired — for a relatively minor position — five months after the policy's stipulated waiting period.

What is wrong? It sounds like Mr. Heins is a few bubbles off.

If someone or some group is complaining about a too strict of a nepotism policy, it would be prudent to follow the smoke to see who is after what.

This new board and administration are becoming worrisome and are deserving of close scrutiny. It may be time for the citizens of the Mehlville School District to tighten the reins.

John J. Perulfi


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