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Urges public to support strikers

To the editor:

Since Oct. 7, Local 655 United Food and Commercial workers have been on strike and locked out by the "Big 3'' — Shop 'n Save, Schnucks and Dierbergs.

They have been pushed and slammed into a turnbuckle like a pro wrestling match and triple teamed by the Big 3. But to their credit, with their steadfast intestinal fortitude and perseverance, the UFCW workers have gone to the bottom of their hearts and souls to fight this grave injustice cast upon them by this facade of a contract.

It takes a soldier a lot of courage to fight in a war. The same applies to a hard-working union person on strike fighting for what they have earned. I personally was involved in a very long strike in 1984 with Boilermakers Local 27. It was and is now a very hard experience for all involved.

There is something very wrong and perverse about corporate greed. This is strongly paralleled with totalitarianism — communism — the "haves'' and the "have nots'' with no in betweens. All these UFCW members want is an honest day's pay and benefits for an honest day's work.

This is also biblical for both sides of the fence. Is management being given meager raises and benefits? How many new stores are being built? How much unnecessary remodeling has been done in recent years by Shop 'n Save?

Most UFCW employees love their jobs and have dreams, aspirations for a better life like everyone else. They are not inanimate life forms. These UFCW workers handle themselves in the utmost professional manor, performing various technical and manual duties.

I admire these UFCW employees for standing by their beliefs and convictions.

These people are true American patriots. "Semper Fi'' to you all. It's a shame some of the strikers' children will suffer at the dinner table and not receive the nutrition they need while this is going on.

This especially is bad when there are immigrants in this country receiving a lot of free benefits for our tax money. Some of us have forgotten what being an American is all about; righting the wrong, never giving up and a work ethic the world over has admired for decades. And we always have given to God for all his blessings.

A 25-cent-an-hour salary increase is a complete mockery to the workers' intelligence and dedication. In a recent news commentary a couple days ago, a so-called financial analyst claimed the average UFCW worker is a stupid, uneducated weakling spineless machine.

What kind of diabolical macabre person would say this about another human being who has brought no harm or malice to them? All the UFCW wants is a fair shake.

It is a terrible, sad thing that a person crosses a picket line and to shop when these UFCW workers are making such great sacrifices. A scab is an immoral and very self-centered human being. To me, they are on the same level as a child molester or a person who commits treason. Scabs hurt everyone, including themselves.

I plead to the public for their support of the UFCW workers in their fight for justice and fair treatment. No one wanted this strike to happen. They were pushed into a corner.

A neighbor asked me: "Mike, why do you get involved at times in all these things?'' I told him because I love the United States of America and all the ideas and principles it was founded upon. And I know someday I may die for these beliefs.

Mike "Grassroots'' Povich

Green Park

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