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Chellis didn't deserve to be 'vilified' in the Call

To the editor:

The "Call the Tune" column in the Oct. 9 issue was one sided to say the least.

(Mehlville Board of Education Vice Pres-ident) Matt Chellis did not deserve to be vilified in your paper just for having a different opinion than Mike Anthony. I suppose I should expect no less from the left leaning, anti-gun, anti-bill of rights media.

It's not as though Mr. Chellis is championing guns for the kids in school; he was only bringing up the possibility of better security for the schools in the hands of responsible, trained adults; similar to airline pilots being armed. As for the "Safe Schools Act,'' which seeks to provide a safe, weapons-free learning environment, I firmly believe that refers to students not having weapons.

Mr. Anthony also raised the hysteria level when he suggested that there would be administrators "trading volleys" of gunfire with students in a Columbine situation. I doubt that would be necessary.

If something similar to Columbine would happen here in St. Louis, I'm confident that any trained, armed administrators would have the sense to get as many children out of harm's way as possible, and use deadly force only when necessary to save lives.

My children went to Mehlville schools, and if Columbine happened here, I would rather have an armed administrator or teacher protect them, than no protection at all.

Remember, no matter how many rules or laws you have against guns, the people who want to hurt you or your children will still have them. That's why we call them lawbreakers.

Gary Brown


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