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Our children should never be left alone — ever

To the editor:

We buy the best locks and security systems for our homes so no one can walk in and steal our belongings.

We have high-tech tracking devices on our cars so we can find them if they're stolen.

We would never dream of leaving our wallets on the seat of the car where a thief could see it, so why do so many parents neglect to protect the most precious thing they have — their children?

How many times have we turned on the news to hear another report of a child being taken during a carjacking or a young child disappearing after being left in the yard alone to play?

Today while picking up my daughter from day care I witnessed a mother leaving her infant in the car alone while going inside to pick up another child.

Last month a friend of mine went inside a bank to find the parent of a toddler who was sitting alone in a car crying hysterically. Are we so rushed these days that we don't have the extra 30 seconds it might take to unbuckle our children from their car seats and take them inside with us?

Do crying babies annoy so many peoplein the grocery store that we feel we have to leave them in the car?

I'd much rather see a child swinging from the clothes racks in a department store than see another child abduction on the news. We can buy new stereos and computers for our homes. Insurance will cover our cars if they're stolen.

We need to get our priorities in order. We can't replace our children and they should never be left alone — ever.

Today I sat in my car and waited until that mother came out before I drove away.

Next time I'll take down the license plate number and call social services while I'm waiting.

Maria Anthony


Editor's note: Maria Anthony is the wife of Call Executive Editor Mike Anthony.

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