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Crestwood pool looks the best to him

To the editor:

In regard to all the pros and cons about the Crestwood Swim Club in your paper and others, I've been a member for several years and joined because it looked the best to us then and now.

I was mayor of Oakland for several years and was invited to every pool in this general area.

Pertaining to Monika Lovera's letter, sour grapes. Years ago, she and five or six of her family were officers of the pool.

People told me she was the worst secretary the pool ever had.

Up to last year, her grandchildren swam at the Crestwood pool and really seemed to enjoy it because I was there daily, too.

I was a real estate broker and appraiser since 1949, and if making an appraisal for any of the properties near the pool, it would be an asset, not the other. We have and have had top-notch officers of the pool and, Lord willing, we will in the future.

Steve J. Elsner


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