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Avery got his way, resident says

To the editor:

Well, Jim Avery, you got your way

So where will you carry your gun today?

Will you go to a bank, the mall, a store?

Packing an iron must be a big chore.

When you strap on your piece to walk the town

Do you think of stray bullets that fly around?

Do you think of the kids at parks and playgrounds?

Does toting a gun make you a big man?

That's a feeling I really don't understand.

Speaker Hanaway, weren't you the one,

Who started this mess 'bout carrying guns?

The NRA helped to plant a bad seed,

To pass a law voters said "We don't need.''

Concealed carry failed by vote 2-1,

Now four years later the gun lobby has won.

Our congressmen said, "Don't care what voters say,

"The gun lobby is going to get their way.''

Our congressmen took an oath to serve,

That's why shafting constituents takes some nerve.

So if one day as you walk down the street,

A robber or mugger you happen to meet,

Call Jim Avery, hey come right away.

And he'll run with his gun to save the day.

Just hope that his bullets don't go astray.

Safety tip: Violence begets violence.

David Mosblech


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