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Letter writer's ideas 'all wrong'

To the editor:

In response to the letter written by Mark Menos of Ballwin entitled "Unions Trying to Control All of the Work," I would like to respond by first introducing myself.

My name is Bill Brennell and I am currently an active member of Ironworkers Local 396 in St. Louis and have been so for 23 years.

I have heard Mark Menos' argument about how the "open shop" — i.e., non-union — pays a good wage, pays health insurance, and has vacation and retirement planning a few times through the years, but what I do not think he understands that it is the union employer "prevailing wage."

If it were not for the negotiating committees of all the respective unions hammering out a decent contract with their good union employers to establish a decent working wage, health care and retirement benefits — which is profitable for both the union member and union employer — I'm willing to bet that Mr. Menos might choose to pay his employees differently — probably less.

In conclusion, all I can say is, Mr. Menos, I wish you and your business well, as I begrudge no one from hard work and a decent living; but your idea of unions is all wrong.

Bill Brennell


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