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Exhibit Urges Teens To Be Safer Drivers


In a recent survey, 59 percent of parents said driving-related issues were their number one worry where their teenagers are concerned. Thirty-nine percent said driving safety was one of their top worries. That was higher than the 31 percent who named drug abuse or 17 percent who named alcohol abuse.

Twenty-five percent of parents worried most about car crashes, which was higher than the 13 percent who named pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases and 11 percent who named violent crime.

Parents apparently have good reason for these worries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, half of newly licensed teens are involved in an accident within their first year of driving.

To address this issue, DuPont is teaming up with four-time NASCAR(r) Winston Cup Champion Jeff Gordon on a nationwide auto safety tour urging teens to "Get Real Behind the Wheel."

The exhibit will make more than 20 appearances in 11 cities at teen-friendly summer concerts, NASCAR(r) events, fairs, festivals and other venues. Teens can test their skills in hazardous driving conditions using a specially designed DriveSafety(r) simulator, housed within a 45-foot "Get Real Behind the Wheel" trailer.

In addition to the simulator, the traveling exhibit includes interactive displays showcasing the contributions of DuPont science to auto safety. Participants can witness a "batters-up" type of demonstration of shatter-resistant glass, learn how head-up display systems allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and see an air bag inflate and deflate without having to have an accident.

Teens can also have their picture taken with Gordon's likeness and an actual show car, and receive "Get Real Behind the Wheel" t-shirts, temporary armband tattoos, safety flashlight key chains and license plate holders.

"I'm proud to have been part of the my team for more than 10 years," Gordon said.

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