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Hearing today on Waste Management Code amendment


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A public hearing will be conducted today — Aug. 28 — by the County Council's Committee of the Whole on legislation that would amend the county's Waste Management Code regarding trash-transfer stations and other solid-waste processing facilities.

The hearing will take place at 5 p.m. in the County Council Chambers of the County Government Center's Administration Building, 41 S. Central Ave., Clayton.

County Councilman John Campisi, R-south county, introduced the legislation that would amend the county's Waste Management Code by requiring a 1,000-foot buffer between trash-transfer stations and churches, schools, childcare centers, nursery schools, nursing homes, libraries, health-service facilities, residential homes, restaurants or cemeteries.

Under the legislation, a "solid-waste processing facility" would be considered any facility in which solid wastes are salvaged and processed, including trash-transfer stations, incinerators and recycling facilities.

Campisi hopes the public hearing will generate a good turnout. "We are looking for public comment from not just Oakville but from the county as a whole," he said.

The councilman said he hopes the legislation will receive final approval from the council when it meets Tuesday, Sept. 2.

Tom Diehl, an Oakville resident and one of the leaders of the opposition to a trash-transfer station proposed by Fred Weber Inc. on Baumgartner Road, said he strongly supports Campisi's legislation.

"It is imperative for the County Council to pass Bill No. 271 ...," Diehl told the Call. "The state of Illinois has had a similar law on the books for many years, and cities and counties can still find places to build trash transfer stations.

"Mr. Campisi's bill does not hogtie the waste industry and will not place too great a burden on the county. It is just a common sense solution that will protect the citizens of St. Louis County while the bureaucrats develop their long-overdue Comprehensive Waste Management Plan," Diehl said.

F.W. Disposal, a subsidiary of Fred Weber Inc., has submitted applications to the St. Louis County Department of Health and to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to operate the solid-waste transfer station at 5219 Baumgartner Road.

The transfer station would be used to receive non-hazardous municipal waste, household waste, commercial, agricultural, governmental and industrial waste. The waste then would be transferred from collection trucks to larger carriers and hauled to a permitted solid waste disposal facility.

More than 1,500 residents voiced their opposition to the proposal during a June 19 public hearing sponsored by the county Department of Health at Oakville Senior High School and shouted down the lone speaker — attorney Albert Michenfelder — who was representing of F.W. Disposal.

At the hearing, Michenfelder contended that approval of the transfer station should eliminate the need for a south county landfill in the future.

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