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Time to rise up and say: 'No more gambling'

To the editor:

In a recent article on the never-ceasing attempts to bring gambling into south county, Sister Ruth Speh raised legitimate concerns about the effects of gambling on local communities.

Inevitably, gambling destroys the lives of individuals, marriages and families, bringing great heartache and sorrow. Gambling wipes out retirement accounts people have spent a lifetime accumulating. What is worse, our government through the "leadership'' of local and state politicians has an increasing vested interest in this activity not only continuing, but expanding.

Pro-gambling advocates like Denny Coleman may not agree or care about these concerns, yet they are legitimate and based in fact. It cannot be denied that increased access to gambling leads to increased addiction. His "quick'' answer ignores these concerns entirely and given the seriousness of the issue, one must wonder if he even cares.

Essentially he said: We need to pursue a casino in south county, otherwise Jefferson County is going to get it. Therefore, am I to understand that the reason we so desperately want something that is harmful to so many is because we don't want someone else to have it? If people are going to destroy their lives, let them do it in south county? In accordance with such logic, why don't we legalize prostitution before an adjacent county does? Think of the tax revenue we can generate for "the children.''

How long will we continue to endure such political spin that seeks to sweep serious, legitimate issues under the rug? It is time to rise and say: "No. No more gambling.''

Doug Madi


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