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Existing area trash-transfer stations sufficient

To the editor:

This is in response to the letter from Marvin Huggins in your July 17 issue about the trash site proposed for Oakville.

If Mr. Huggins had been listening at the recent meetings — if he attended — he would have heard reasoned arguments as well as emotional responses to Fred Web-er's ill-conceived proposal.

He would know, first of all, that there are currently sufficient trash transfer sites in this area, and another one is being proposed at Highway 141 and I-44 — which is, incidentally, not on a two-lane road in a residential neighborhood.

Mr. Huggins says, "The trash we generate must go somewhere." Well, duh. It is going somewhere, and with the new, large facility mentioned above, it will have more than enough space. He says, "... The problem can't just be ignored or pushed off on someone else." 

Of course not. But is the solution to build this potentially hazardous station right next to a day-care center? And in a flood-prone area? And so near to homes and soccer fields? And on a busy two-lane street that is already very congested?

Wouldn't a vacant area with good access roads be much smarter? He says, "There will have to be some commitments from county government and private business as well." Sir, that is exactly what the residents have been requesting and not getting.

Fred Weber has made two proposals for his trash; both have been proposed for places convenient and profitable for him with no apparent thought of any other factor. Fred Weber officials do not live near either of the proposed sites.

And the county government — with the exception of our representative, Mr. Campisi — is clearly not responsive. Mr. Westfall has been forced by public opinion — the "hysteria" to which Mr. Huggins refers — into making a public proclamation that he is against this project.

But you won't see him actively doing anything to stop it. His "opposition" ap-pears to be pure political posturing. As Mr. Huggins says, "Unfortunately, real so-lutions are not as easy as pasting signs on poles and yelling at meetings."

Yes, but unfortunately that seems to be the only way to get the attention of those in a position to make decisions affecting us.

The information presented at the meetings by opponents of this project seems to be falling on deaf ears, except for "public pronouncements." The actual decisions be-ing made behind closed doors will probably be most influenced by political contributions. Cynical? Yes. Realistic? Yes, also.

Does Mr. Huggins know where the people who actually live where this dump is proposed to be built can buy rat traps?

Maybe they can get a quantity discount somewhere.

Marlene Colona


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