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Democrats need to unite for 2004 elections

To the editor:

The past several weeks I have been reading the usual Democrat-Republican bickering.

In the last decade, south county has produced no perfect politicians.

Some have been better than others, but none perfect.

The independent voters actually elect our leaders. We, as Democrats, need every vote we can get, and this includes the votes the party loses because of internal bickering.

If we don't vote, we lose a vote.

If anyone crosses over, two votes are lost. Before next year's elections, a new sense of togetherness has to emerge.

Enemies from within the party do not have to become kissing cousins, but a civil discussion on candidates in primaries needs to be put before all functions of the Democratic Party. It is about the seat — not who sits in the seat.

Primaries can be controlled, but not general elections. Winning a primary resolves nothing.

If you want to see education cuts, big-business bullying, low workers' compensation settlements, unjust discharges from jobs, less health and prescription-drug benefits, less VA benefits, our people all over the world trying to do a job we don't have manpower for, and all kinds of problems amongst the population, then keep bickering, hold grudges and be stubborn.

If you want to see a Democrat sitting in the seat of power, come together as one, not enemies, not friends, but for a common agenda for the community.

Then after the elections, everyone who desires can step back in the mindless ring of point the finger.

2004 needs all of us as one.

Ron Wagganer


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