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Campisi, residents reiterate opposition to trash-transfer station


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County Councilman John Campisi and Oakville residents planned to reiterate their vehement opposition to a proposed solid-waste transfer station during a public hearing scheduled earlier this week.

The public hearing, sponsored by the Missouri Depart-ment of Natural Resources, was scheduled to take place at Oakville Senior High School Monday night — after the Call went to press.

"... I would like to say I am 100 percent opposed to this project and will do everything in my power as councilman to stop this atrocious development being plopped down in the middle of this residential Oakville area,'' Campisi, a south county Republican, stated in prepared remarks he planned to deliver at the public hearing.

F.W. Disposal, a subsidiary of Fred Weber Inc., has submitted applications to the St. Louis County Department of Health and to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to operate the solid-waste transfer station on a 4.4-acre site in Oakville comprised of three parcels at 664 Old Baumgartner Road, 5219 Baumgartner Road and 5211 Baumgartner Road.

The proposed transfer station would be used to receive non-hazardous municipal waste, household waste, commercial, agricultural, governmental and industrial waste. The wastes then would be transferred from collection trucks to larger carriers and hauled to a permitted solid waste disposal facility.

The county Department of Health sponsored a hearing on the proposal June 19 at Oakville Senior High School. More than 20 residential subdivisions surround the proposed facility and while a majority of the 1,522 residents who attended the June 19 meeting were from those subdivisions, some opponents came from as far as 12 miles to voice their opposition.

One speaker — attorney Albert Michenfelder, who was representing F.W. Disposal — spoke in favor of the proposal, contending that approval of the transfer station should eliminate the need for a south county landfill in the future.

But opponents of the transfer station say that old Baumgartner Road is not adequate to handle large volumes of truck traffic on top of existing traffic.They believe liquids and debris from garbage trucks bound for the transfer station would litter the highway.

"I have looked at the site map of all the transfer stations in the state of Missouri,'' Campisi stated in his prepared remarks. "In a 30-mile radius of this proposed site, we have 12 transfer stations currently operational. If all of south county were developed, both residential and commercial, we would still only need half of the stations that are in operation. This station is not needed in Oakville or the state of Mis-souri. This is all about money and who can monopolize first.''

Fred Weber's proposal comes six months after the company received overwhelming community opposition to a request to locate a transfer station in Oakville, not far from the site of the current application.

A public hearing conducted on that request by the county Planning Commission last November drew hundreds of residents who were opposed to the proposal.

Unlike its last proposal, however, Fred Weber's current proposal does not require a zoning change because the M-1 zoning classification of the Baumgartner Road site allows such a facility.

But the County Council voted unanimously last week to approve a resolution asking the Planning Commission to consider making solid-waste transfer stations and waste-processing facilities conditional uses rather than permitted uses and consider minimum requirements between such facilities and schools, churches and residential areas.

"... The County Council desires to make a change in the zoning ordinance of a general nature and not pertaining to a specific property, which change would pertain to the location of solid-waste transfer stations and waste-processing facilities and change the zoning requirement for such facilities to a conditional use rather than a permitted use,'' the resolution states.

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