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Ex-legislator fails in her defense of Campisi

To the editor:

I am responding to several things that were in former Republican state Rep. Cath-erine S. Enz's letter comparing former County Councilman Jeff Wagener to current County Councilman John Campisi.

Ms. Enz seems to approve the finding by the Court of Appeals that the ordinance banning sales and/or rental of violent and sexually explicit video games to minors drafted by Jeff Wagener is unconstitutional because she says you can't rule and regulate every aspect of our lives. I never thought Ms. Enz would approve of letting our children get violent or sexually explicit video games because she spent her legislative career poking her nose into our bedrooms by working against family planning and abortion.

But I guess I was wrong. I guess she doesn't think pornography or violence available to children is as bad as private sexual behavior. She also tried to compliment Councilman Campisi and portray him as a better person and councilman than former Councilman Wagener. I'm afraid she failed.

She said he corrected his "mistake" of taking water from a fire hydrant and subsequently paid for the water he used.

She compared his use of water from a county fire hydrant to the city opening their fire hydrants when we all know the county doesn't do such a thing and we all know — except John Campisi — that it is illegal to open one. Campisi tried not once, but twice to unlawfully use water from a fire hydrant before he was caught and charged with breaking the law. Then she said he is contributing to the St. Louis economy as a small-businessman and "paid his back taxes."

Excuse me, but shouldn't he have been paying his taxes all along as the rest of us do? It seems Campisi was reluctant to contribute his tax share to the economy until he was forced to do it. Those are pretty bad examples of how a person epitomizes what public service is all about. It seems to me a public servant should be above re-proach and set an example of honesty for the rest of us.

Councilman John Campisi has clearly failed to meet those standards and Ms. Enz has to look further to find reasons to laud his honesty and integrity.

Ruth C. Bauer


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