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Outraged over column about Jeff Wagener

To the editor:

To say that the article about Jeff Wagener outraged me would be putting it mildly.

Your paper has done nothing but assassinate Jeff Wagener since he took office, before he won the County Council seat and after the election. Jeff Wagener initiated the 6th District Study and revised the Oakville Study. Jeff sponsored road rage legislation and the law mandating hepatitis vaccinations for food handlers.

Jeff led the effort for the New Notre Dame High School Entrance in JB Park. These are all great accomplishments for our area. Why don't you get off this wonderful public servant?

You could direct your effort to a real problem in south county. Namely, John Campisi, our current County Council person. John Campisi has stolen water and failed to pay his property taxes for two years and failed to remit sales taxes from his business to the state of Missouri. Have you ever addressed these issues? What has John Campisi done for us? Or better yet, what has John Campisi done for you?

I hope that Jeff Wagener will once again run for office. His integrity, intelligence and vision is sorely missed.

Marie Steinkuhler


Editor's note: Marie Steinkuhler, who has contributed money to former County Councilman Jeff Wagener's election efforts, was appointed by Mr. Wagener and the county Department of Planning to serve on the 6th County Council District Community Area Study Citizens' Advisory Committee.

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