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Area needs more people like Jeff Wagener

To the editor:

Jeff Wagener is a devoted father and cares deeply about children.

That was what motivated him to sponsor legislation giving parents control over what video games their children are exposed to. Jeff presented this legislation to protect our kids against video games that are violent. Are you saying this is a bad thing for Jeff to have sponsored?

Your article attacking Jeff Wagener paints the wrong picture of this father, son, brother, friend, husband and business person. Jeff Wagener accomplished more as councilman in four yours than John Campisi can ever even think about over 20 years. He will not have the chance to be our councilman for the next term. We will not re-elect a person who steals water and does not pay taxes. Read my lips: "No more Campisi."

If Jeff Wagener runs for office again, my wife and I will be behind him all the way.

We need more people like Jeff in south county.

Art and Helen Smith


Editor's note: Mr. Smith has been a frequent contributor to former County Coun-cilman Jeff Wagener's election campaigns.

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