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To know ex-county councilman is to like him

To the editor:

Jeff Wagener is my friend and I know he is a wonderful father who loves his children and cares about all of our children.

With that said, I would like to ask what motivates you to say such horrible things about him in your newspaper? Is there no other news in south county to "motivate" you to write about? What about the commercially zoned homes on Telegraph Road? What about the "pickets" on Telegraph Road? What about all of the development that is going on in our area?

Makes me wonder why you are going down memory lane still attacking Jeff Wagener. Do you just get out all of the other articles that you have written about him in the past and rewrite the same lies?

Move on. Take a look at the real problems in our area. Let's look at issues.

Apparently you do not know Jeff Wagener otherwise you would like him.

He is smart and cares about our area. Re-examine yourself and why you keep going after Jeff. Are you so fearful that Jeff will run again? I for one hope he does because I miss having Jeff Wagener represent me.

Ann Pluemer


Editor's note: Ann Pluemer serves as the Oakville Township Democratic committeewoman.

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