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County treats us like second-class citizens

To the editor:

My name is Mark Mosher.

My family and I reside in Oakville in the Lake of the Woods subdivision.

If the proposed Fred Weber Inc. garbage transfer station is built, it will be approximately 1,500 feet from the home my family and I have enjoyed living in for over 15 years.

We will, without question, be negatively impacted. All of the residents in this area will be negatively impacted.

The overwhelming majority of Oakville homeowners strongly believe the county's plan to allow the construction and operation of a garbage transfer station at this location to be absolutely irresponsible.

With a proposed site so near hundreds and hundreds of homes, numerous businesses, a new community college and even a church with a day care, consideration of such a plan is beyond belief.

Nevertheless, the county counselor and the Department of Planning director feel this facility meets all the zoning requirements of a truck terminal. They want to call it a truck terminal.

Though trucks are certainly involved, a hundred or more per day, garbage trucks and 18-wheelers, creating endless noise, spewing burned diesel pollution and increasing the already dangerous truck traffic, this is not a truck terminal.

It is, however, terminal.

Terminal to the value of the homes we have all worked so had to improve and maintain. Terminal to the quality of our environment.

This is not a truck terminal. This is a garbage machine, relentlessly funneling hundreds and hundreds of tons of other people's waste and filth down our streets, through our neighborhoods and into our lives— day and night, night and day, blighting our neighborhoods and turning our community into an embarrassment.

For many of us, what is really reprehensible is the appearance of our county government supporting this plan.

Except for our representative, (County Councilman) Mr. (John) Campisi, no one has said: "No, you cannot put a facility of this nature so close to homes, businesses, a church, a day care.''

Instead, they seem to be making every effort to accommodate Mr. Thomas P. Dunne and Fred Weber Inc.

Apparently there are no appropriate regulations to protect the well-being of so many hard-working, tax-paying homeowners — only regulations to promote the financial growth of a few wealthy businessmen.

The Department of Health will hold a public hearing to listen to concerns about health, safety and welfare.

Common sense should indicate that hundreds of trucks moving tons and tons of waste material through our neighborhood week after week, some of it potentially hazardous, poses a health risk. It could make us sick.

For the record, I'm already sick — sick of a county government that does not respect the citizens it is supposed to serve and insults them with this outrageous proposal.

Sick of a county government that has made no realistic plans for building and operating a facility of this nature other than to say it fits into an outdated zoning plan.

Sick of a county government that has self-interests that go directly against the common good of the people.

And, finally, sick of a county government that continues to treat the citizens of south county like second-class citizens.

Mark G. Mosher


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