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Jeff Wagener a man of the highest integrity

To the editor:

When will Mike Anthony end his personal vendetta against Jeff Wagener?

In his latest diatribe, Mike Anthony questions Jeff Wagener's motivation in sponsoring legislation to protect our children from renting violent video games. Mr. Anthony then has the audacity to claim that Jeff did not accomplish anything in his tenure on the County Council.

Please allow me to refresh Mr. Anthony's memory.

Jeff sponsored a resolution to end scattered site housing. He initiated the widely acclaimed 6th District study and revised the Oakville study. Some of the legislation Jeff sponsored included: restricting pawn shops and thrift stores; road rage; and man-dating hepatitis vaccinations for food handlers. Jeff was also instrumental in the redevelopment of South County mall without a TIF. He was also founder of the Jefferson Barracks July 4th Blast.

I know Jeff Wagener personally and professionally and find him to be a man of the highest integrity. South county misses being represented by a man with a vision.

My advice to Mike Anthony is to devote his attention to the present 6th district county councilman because it is time to open his pool, weather permitting.

Mark Kiesewetter


Editor's note: Mr. Kiesewetter's wife, Tesson Ferry Township Democratic Committeewoman Julie Leicht, served as an aide to former County Councilman Jeff Wagener, D-Oakville.

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