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Can't stomach attention given to John Cary

To the editor:

As a former student in the Mehlville School District, I find it difficult to stomach the attention given to Superintendent John Cary.

During my time spent in the school district, I sent Mr. Cary a letter regarding a personal problem with a faculty member in the district, and I specifically requested a reply to the situation. Carbon copies should have reached three other members of the faculty as well.

I never received the courtesy of a reply from Mr. Cary or the other three faculty members.

I found the matter in which Mr. Cary and the other faculty members handled this situation completely unprofessional and in poor taste.

Hopefully, Dr. Ricker can learn from Mr. Cary's egregious errors in handling matters of these sorts and let the Mehlville School District honestly say they care about their students.

Kelly Pfadenhauer

Sunset Hills

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