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New grading scale simple matter of fairness

To the editor:

As a member of the Mehlville Grading Scale Committee, I would like to ask Ms. Rauh or Mr. Lahm when was the last time that they had a child that was competing for acceptance into a college or was competing for a competitive college scholarship with other students who are being rated in a different fashion?

If my daughter gets a 91 percent, she gets a "B.'' A 91 percent at most of the other districts in our area merits an "A.''

The only thing the college sees on a transcript is the A and the B. Guess who wins that contest? Did Mr. Lahm realize that if she gets a 91 percent in one of the college credit courses at the university that she would get an "A''?

I also object to the dumbing-down comment made by Mr. Lahm. My daughter will graduate with more than 30 college credit hours.

Her junior schedule includes Spanish III, Pre-calculus, College American History, English III Challenge, Advanced Biology, Honors Band and Air Brush — state practical art requirement.

While I am very proud of my daughter, I think it is important to realize that her classes are full of other students taking the same challenging courses.

What about the child at the other end of the spectrum? Two or three points could mean the difference between a "D'' and an "F'' and could be the difference between getting into a post-secondary program or not.

Is that dumbing down or is that giving a child another opportunity to become a more productive citizen?

Randy Howe

south county

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