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Your back yard could be next, reader warns

To the editor:

There's my alarm, 6:45 a.m. Saturday, May 24 — Crestwood Swim Club weekend construction, again.

Since the club can afford expensive weekend work, certainly they can afford the requested soundproofing and buffering. Or did (Ward 2 Alderman) Gary Vin-cent help write the pool contract and forget to mention the fine print, which in-cluded free Saturday and Sunday labor?

Or, did he manipulate the system so the city of Crestwood would pay for his pool?

It was reported that City Administrator Greer was glad the new reconfigured Police Administration Building makes access for Crestwood Swim Club safer. While I am sincerely glad safer accommodations will be in place, I wonder why the city worries more about a majority of people who are non-Crestwood residents than their own residents.

Until you've lived with mountains of unsightly mud, early morning weekend construction, grinding motors until 6 p.m., early morning swim meets, private parties and general operation hours for three summer months, don't judge me.

See for yourself what's in people's residential back yards. How can the club afford weekend labor when they can't afford to accommodate their neighbors? Don't think you're safe just because your area is zoned residential.

Who knows what Alderman Vincent and his zoning buddies will rezone next. Residents beware, and be proactive, especially with the ongoing discussions for the Watson Plaza redevelopment and possible changes with the Rayburn Park area.

Your back yard could be next.

C. Reinhardt


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