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Committee, school board fall down on job

To the editor:

Fairness, fairness, fairness.

That was the word used over and over regarding Mehlville's grading scale.

Concerned about fairness? Or maybe it is political correctness?

Is it so unfair to hold Mehlville students to a higher standard than the "vast majority of other surrounding school districts"?

Must we always dumb down to average or the lowest common denominator?

Can we never set our sights higher?

Aspire to a little bit of greatness? I be-lieve we should try.

Incoming Superintendent Tim Ricker says the new grading scale does not mean Mehlville is lowering its academic standards.

To me this sounds like double-speak. Just compare the numbers.

I believe the committee members and the school board fell down on the job.

Frank J. Lahm


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