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Mehlville's grading scale now can be deemed fair

Mike Anthony

That word was repeated over and over during a presentation made last week to the Mehlville Board of Education by the district's Grading Scale Review Committee.

The issue of fairness was raised by each of the committee members who addressed the board — administrators, teachers, parents and students. In fact, it was a concern about fairness that led the Board of Education to establish the committee to review the district's grading scale in the first place.

During three meetings, members of the Grading Scale Review Committee thoroughly examined the advantages and disadvantages of changing the current grading scale, including how Mehlville's grading scale compared to the ones used by other area school districts.

The committee ultimately recommended the district adopt a new 10-point grading scale and the school board voted unanimously to do so.

Effective with the 2003-2004 school year, the district's grading scale will be: A — 90 percent to 100 percent, Outstanding Achievement; B — 80 percent to 89 percent, Above Average Achievement; C — 70 percent to 79 percent, Average Achievement; D — 60 percent to 69 percent, Below Average Achievement; and F — 0 percent to 59 percent, Unsat-isfactory Achievement.

The current grading scale is: A — 92 percent to 100 percent, Outstand-ing Achievement; B — 83 percent to 91 percent, Above Average Achieve-ment; C — 74 percent to 82 percent, Average Achievement; D — 65 percent to 73 percent, Below Average Achievement; and F — 0 percent to 64 percent, Unsatisfactory Achieve-ment.

The issue is one of fairness as we believe the current grading scale is unfair in that it holds Mehlville students to a higher standard than the vast majority of other area school districts as well as most colleges.

Incoming Superintendent Tim Rick-er emphasizes the new grading scale does not mean Mehlville is lowering its academic standards.

We agree. Just consider the fact that Mehlville received 148 of a possible 149 points on its Missouri School Improvement Program evaluation and the state's Distinction in Performance Award.

We believe committee members should be applauded for their hard work as should the school board for acting promptly on the panel's recommendation.

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