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Panel recommends new 10-point grading scale for Mehlville


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A recommendation to approve a new 10-point grading scale was scheduled to be considered earlier this week by the Mehlville Board of Education.

The Board of Education was scheduled to meet Monday night — after the Call went to press.

A 42-member committee comprised of students, parents, teachers and ad-ministrators is recommending board members approve a new 10-point grading scale, effective with the 2003-2004 school year.

The recommended grading scale would be: A — 90 percent to 100 percent, Outstanding Achievement; B — 80 percent to 89 percent, Above Average Achievement; C — 70 percent to 79 percent, Average Achievement; D — 60 percent to 69 percent, Below Average Achieve-ment; and F — 0 percent to 59 percent, Un-satisfactory Achievement.

The current grading scale is: A — 92 percent to 100 percent, Outstanding Achieve-ment; B — 83 percent to 91 percent, Above Average Achievement; C — 74 percent to 82 percent, Average Achievement; D — 65 percent to 73 percent, Below Average Achievement; and F — 0 percent to 64 percent, Unsatisfactory Achievement.

Earlier this year, the school board requested a committee be convened to review and evaluate the district's current grading scale.

The scope of the committee's review did not include the topic of weighted grades.

One reason for recommending the change "is the need for leveling the playing field in comparison with other St. Louis area schools (and) state and nationwide schools,'' according to information provided to the school board by Connie Hurst, assistant superintendent for curriculum and staff development.

"The consensus of the grading scale committee is to recommend replacing the current grading scale of the Mehlville School District with the same fair and equitable grading system used across St. Louis, the state of Missouri and at the national level,'' Hurst wrote.

Patrick Wallace, the district's director of school/community relations, served on the committee. "We looked at reasons to keep it, reasons to change it, what the effects would be either way (and) compared ourselves to other like districts to see what their grading scales were ...,'' Wallace said, noting the panel's recommendation "was pretty much unanimous.''

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