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Protest if you must, but stay within the law

To the editor:

I'd like to respond to the letter from Ms. Barbara Cox regarding the right to speak and protest. (April 10, volume 8, number 15). Unfortunately I did not see Mr. George's letter, so I cannot respond to that letter. Ms. Cox points to our First Amendment rights, (except for the last paragraph, which I feel is unrelated to the issue); her issues are thought provoking.

If I were to protest the war, (which I'm not), I would find another venue to express my ideas. Possibly to have or help sponsor a blood drive, support the USO, or any other productive activity to get the media's attention by saying I'm pro-America, I support our troops, because without our troops to back us up, we could be in the same boat with Iraq.

By using these methods, I would not break any laws; I would get my point across and who knows, maybe Americans would view my ideas in a different light.

Oh and getting back to the last paragraph challenging President Bush's election, Katherine Harris has an excellent book, "Center of the Storm,'' that details the Florida election.

Patrick J. Dodd


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