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War with Iraq has been a long time coming

War with Iraq has been a long time coming

To the editor:

There have been some protests about the United States of America's war against Iraq.

Some of these have been very volatile, such as the ones on the West Coast. This war is anything but a whimsical military expedition. It has been gradually escalating for over 10 years.

Many have been murdered, brutally tortured and raped by this perverse excuse for a human being — Saddam. His alter ego is Joseph Stalin, another murderer.

Our young servicemen and women are protesting against this. That is why they are fighting. The price for freedom is blood. There is no way to get around it. Our flag was not given to us. It has been hard fought for. That is why it is so very precious.

I feel the pain and the sorrow of those families who have lost their loved ones in this and other wars. I, too, know the misery and anguish of war. Our young patriots deserve the utmost praise and recognition for their dedication and valor for they are securing the world to be a more stable place and securing intercontinental co-existence for all mankind.

We did not need any nor do we need any United Nations approval for anything. We are a sovereign nation bought and paid for with the blood of American heroes. A lot of people fail to realize what the United Nations is all about:

• One world educational system.

• One world religion.

• One world military.

• One world economical system.

Scary, huh?

If the previous president had done what he was put in office to do, we wouldn't have to be in Iraq now.

God bless all of our heroes — male and female — in every branch of military service, especially the U.S. Marines.

Mike "Grassroots'' Povich

Green Park

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