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Crestwood Ward 2 voters return Trueblood to office

Crestwood Ward 2 voters return Trueblood to office

Incumbent Crestwood Ward 2 Alder-man Tim Trueblood prevailed over challenger Jeff Schlink in the only contested municipal election last week in the Call's circulation area.

Aldermanic seats were up for election April 8 in the cities of Crestwood, Green Park and Sunset Hills, as well as the may-oral post in Green Park.

Also up for election last week were two seats on both the Lindbergh Board of Ed-ucation and the Mehlville Board of Ed-ucation.

Joe Gaterman
In addition, one seat was up for election on the Mehlville Fire Protection Dis-trict's Board of Directors.

By race, here are the unofficial election results provided by the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners:


In Crestwood's Ward 2, Trueblood re-ceived 397 votes — 69.77 percent — while Schlink garnered 172 votes — 30.23 percent.

Trueblood, who has served as a Ward 2 alderman since 1993, was elected to a three-year term. Schlink had unsuccessfully opposed Ward 2 Alderman Gary Vincent in April 2001.

Ward 1 Alderman Richard LaBore, Ward 3 Alderman Don Maddox and Ward 4 Alderman Tom Fagan were unopposed in their re-election bids and were returned to office for another three years.

LaBore received 330 votes, Maddox garnered 524 votes and Fagan received 596 votes.

In addition, Crestwood voters elected a second alderman to represent Ward 3 to fill the term that expires in April 2004.

That seat previously was held by Jim Robertson, who was elected mayor last April, and Bernadine "Bernie'' Alexan-der was appointed to the seat by the may-or and board last spring.

Alexander, who was unopposed in her bid for the seat, received 348 votes.

Green Park

In Green Park, Mayor Steve Arm-strong, who was unopposed in his bid for a second, two-year term as mayor, re-ceived 214 votes.

Besides the Green Park mayoral post, seats held by Ward 1 Alderman Judy DeWitt, Ward 2 Alderman Chuck Deters and Ward 3 Alderman Mark Hayden were up for election. All three were unopposed in their re-election bids and were returned to office for another two years.

DeWitt received 122 votes, Deters garnered 66 votes and Hayden was re-turned to office with 18 votes.

Sunset Hills

In Sunset Hills, seats held by Ward 1 Alderman Michael Sawicki, Ward 2 Al-derman John Littlefield, Ward 3 Alder-man Jan Hoffmann and Ward 4 Alder-man Donald Parker were up for election.

All four were unopposed in their re-election bids and were returned to office for another two years. Sawicki received 155 votes, Littlefield garnered 331 votes, Hoffmann received 349 votes and Parker garnered 333 votes.

Lindbergh school board

For the Lindbergh Board of Education, seats held by President Marla Dell and Drew Walk were up for election.

Dell, who was set to finish her second, three-year term on the board Tuesday night — after the Call went to press — did not file for re-election.

Walk, who was seeking his second, three-year term on the board, was elected last week along with Kenneth Fey, the top vote-getter. Each seat carries a three-year term.

W. Schornheuser Jr.
Fey received 4,848 votes — 39.38 percent, while Walk garnered 3,496 votes — 28.4 percent.

Also seeking election were John Dob-son, who received 2,371 votes — 19.26 percent — and Harry Noel, who garnered 1,597 votes — 12.97 percent.

Kenneth Fey
The Lindbergh Board of Education was scheduled to elect new officers Tuesday night.

Mehlville school board

Michael Heins
For the Mehlville Board of Education, seats held by Secretary David Gralike and Walt Bivins were up for election. Neither filed for re-election.

Elected to three-year terms last week were William "Bill" Schornheuser Jr. and Michael Heins, both of whom took the oath of office last Wednesday.

Schornheuser was the top vote-getter, receiving 2,454 votes — 32.01 percent — while Heins garnered 2,319 votes — 30.25 percent.

Despite having withdrawn from the race in early March, Gene Matlock received 1,751 votes — 22.84 percent. Though he had withdrawn from the race, Matlock's name remained on the ballot.

A fourth candidate, John "Jack'' Perry, received 1,143 votes — 14.91 percent.

Mehlville fire district

Three candidates have filed for the seat on the Mehlville Fire Protection District board: Joseph Gaterman, 4128 Ringer Road, 63129; John Mikolay, 2327 England Town Road, 63129; and Bonnie Stegman, 6039 Cardinal Creek Drive, 63129. The seat carries a six-year term.

A fourth person, Arthur Coffey, 7057 Stony Ridge Road, 63129, withdrew from the race last week.

Gaterman served as chief of the Mehlville Fire Protection District from January 1992 to June 1998 when he retired. After his retirement, he was appointed to the Board of Directors when Bob Pennick resigned.

Gaterman served on the board from the summer of 1998 until April 1999 when Daniel Ottoline Sr. was elected to serve the remaining two years of Pennick's six-year term.

Mikolay is a member of the St. Louis Community College Board of Trustees and previously served a three-year term on the Mehlville Board of Education.

Stegman previously ran for the board in 1999 when Ottoline was elected to fill Pen-nick's unexpired term.

Ottoline was elected to a six-year term in April 2001.

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