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Call obtains 911 recordings from Sunset Hills

In his call to 911, Murdick says motorist 'ran me off the road'

Gloria Lloyd
Staff Reporter
August 06, 2014 - In response to a Missouri Open Meetings and Records Act request submitted to the city of Sunset Hills, the Call received the 911 calls related to the July 29 incident involving Mayor Mark Furrer and Fenton cyclist Randy Murdick.

In the first call, a man who said he witnessed the contact between the car and the bicycle said that the driver hit a bicyclist.

A second call was made by Murdick.

Furrer's voice does not appear on any of the recordings, and no mention is made that he is the mayor. Murdick said he did not realize that the person in the car was the mayor until he went to the Police Department later.

The first 911 call opened with someone who is not the caller shouting in the background, "Pull over, pull over! You just hit that guy and took off!"

The caller, who identified himself as the son of the man shouting, told the emergency dispatcher, "I would like to report a hit-and-run over here on Old Gravois Road, right here by Delta Dental."

"Leaving the scene, or a hit-and-run?" the dispatcher asked.

"The guy hit a bicyclist, drove off and then turned around and came back," the caller responded.

As the call continued, the caller's father can be heard yelling in the background, until the dispatcher asked the caller to tell his father not to say anything to the driver.

"Dad, stop yelling," the caller said.

"If he has to continue that, he needs to get in the car and close his mouth," the dispatcher said.

Murdick told the Call that when he first called 911, he was routed to a county dispatcher, who then sent him to the Sunset Hills Police Department.

In the second call to Sunset Hills 911, Murdick told the dispatcher his location, and the dispatcher asked him if he was the bicyclist who had been hit by a car.

When the dispatcher asked if Murdick had any injuries, he replied, "I'm fine. The guy that ran me off the road's here."

"We will be there shortly — do not have words with the driver," the dispatcher replied, before the call ended.

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