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Ed Ryan proven to be one of south county's finest public servants

March 27, 2013 - To the editor:

I just got the Mike Klund mailing. In it, he claims, "Ed Ryan has charged the district more for personal travel than any other director."

I pulled the numbers from the Mehlville Fire Protection District's transparency website — the same web site Klund cites as a source. By my count, in the six years since taking office, Ed Ryan has spent about $30 more than any other director.

Not $30 a year more, but $30 more over all of the past six years. Or, if you will, $5 more per year. Five lousy bucks is all Klund can complain about?

But I don't think it's "personal" travel, like Klund claims. I mean, I don't think Ed is getting to Vegas on five bucks.

Let's look at the truth, instead of whatever Klund claims. Since Ed Ryan has been on the board, the Mehlville Fire Protection District has rolled back our taxes. Since Ed Ryan has been on the board, the district has made good use of our taxes, building three new fire stations and paying for them in full while maintaining the district's financial reserves. Ed Ryan has proven that he can be trusted with our tax dollars.

If there's a scandal here, it's that the voters would let some political action committee-funded tax truant like Klund spread a bunch of half-truths about Ed Ryan, who has proven to be one of south county's finest public servants.

Stephen Pentecost

south county

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