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Green Park aldermen approve free yard-waste pickup

Green Park aldermen re-elect Baras to serve as president

April 24, 2013 - A five-year residential solid-waste-collection contract with American Eagle Waste Industries that includes the addition of free yard-waste pickup was approved last week by the Green Park Board of Aldermen.

Aldermen voted unanimously April 15 to adopt a resolution renewing an agreement with the waste hauler that adds free yard-waste pickup to the city's free once-per-week residential trash collection. The yard-waste pickup is effective May 1.

The city first contracted with American Eagle in early 2007 for residential trash pickup and twice has renewed its contract with the waste hauler.

Mayor Bob Reinagel told aldermen last week they had two options for renewing the pact with American Eagle.

"... (To) put it very simply, we have the option of renewing it for a three-year contract with no increases or, after some discussion with the solid-waste contractor, we have the ability to put in yard-waste disposal," Reinagel said.

Ward 1 Alderman Tony Pousosa said, "I think that would be great. I know that I had mentioned that three years ago when we renewed ... I'm glad to see that that time has come ... The residents don't have to worry about the branches and leaves and all that stuff ..."

Ward 2 Alderman Jackie Wilson said, "They are going to be thrilled to death, I will tell you that ... And I haven't said anything to anybody and it's killing me."

Reinagel said, "... We have surveyed quite a few of the municipalities around the area of Green Park, including Hazelwood — some of the bigger ones and some of the smaller ones — and our rate is very, very favorable, as we speak.

"If we add the yard waste, it's also very, very favorable because that adds just about $3 per resident, per month. And American Eagle has said if we do that, they will give us a five-year, no-increase contract, which makes it even, as far as I'm concerned, more palatable," the mayor said. "... A few months ago, Ameren (Missouri) raised the rate just a bit, which gave Green Park just a bit more money. So this is one way of giving it back to the residents in the form of something they can use ..."

"Quite a few" residents already are paying for yard-waste disposal, he said.

Previously, residents who desired yard-waste pickup were charged $9 per month.

"... Apparently, a lot of people using it are trying to partner with their neighbors, so that one person gets yard waste and (shares the service with a neighbor). So this way will make it very simple for everyone. So we're giving something back to the people, and it's a way of promoting what we want to do with Green Park, which is clean up our town, make it shine ... So we're doing our part to help ...," Reinagel said.

The five-year contract with American Eagle calls for the city to make annual payments of $224,580.

The three-year contract with no yard-waste disposal would have required the city to make annual payments of $185,808.

Effective May 1, yard waste will need to be at the curb by 6 a.m. on Wednesdays, according to city officials.

Residents will be allowed to set out 10 lawn bags/containers or bundles, but cannot use plastic bags.

In addition, residents are asked to place branches/limbs in manageable bundles with branch size limited to 4 feet and 4 inches in diameter.

Besides yard-waste disposal and once-per-week residential trash pickup, the pact with American Eagle provides once-per-week curbside recycling on Thursdays and the biannual pickup of a single major appliance or large household item, not including white goods, at no additional charge.

Residents who want a second weekly pickup of residential household waste are charged $2 per month.

In a separate matter, aldermen voted 5-1 to re-elect Ward 3 Alderman Fred Baras as board president. Pousosa cast the dissenting vote.

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