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Officers unchanged on Lindbergh board

Simpson pleased with quality of all four board candidates

The Lindbergh Board of Education last week honored the four candidates who sought election to the board earlier this month. Board Vice President Kathy Kienstra, left, presented resolutions to candidates Kara Gotsch, Vic Lenz and Cindy McDaniel for volunteering to serve on the board. Candidate Adam McBride is not pictured. (click for larger version)
April 17, 2013 - Officers on the Lindbergh Board of Education remain unchanged after the board conducted its annual reorganizational meeting last week.

Board members voted unanimously April 11 to name Vic Lenz president.

Lenz has served as board president since 2011.

Other officers elected unanimously include Kathy Kienstra, vice president; Don Bee, secretary; and Kara Gotsch, treasurer.

Lenz and Gotsch were sworn into office after defeating two other candidates in the April 2 election. Lenz earned the most votes, 4,065 — 32.46 percent.

Gotsch followed with 3,515 votes — 28.07 percent — while Cindy McDaniel and Adam McBride earned 2,683 votes — 21.42 percent — and 2,223 votes — 17.75 percent — respectively.

Lenz, a former district administrator, has served on the board since April 2004, while Gotsch was first elected in 2010.

Superintendent Jim Simpson told the Call he was pleased with the election, noting that all four candidates were well-qualified to serve the district.

Of Lenz, he said, "He probably is the most stable leader any district could have because he was here when this district became a district. So he has been intimately involved in the Lindbergh School District since the district was (established) and on many levels. So there's no one who can bring more stability and more knowledge of the school business than Dr. Lenz."

Of Gotsch, Simpson said, "She has her first three years under her belt, so the next (term) will be even better in terms of she now has that grounding, and that's really going to pay.

"And I think it bears saying, it was a good race. There was no fear factor in this race. They were all good candidates. When you went to the forum and heard all of the candidates, you walked away saying, 'Any one of them could do a good job.' Sometimes you have races in boards and there's a food fight, controversy and the sky will fall if one side loses or wins. It was nice that this one (involved) four civic-minded people ready to do public service."

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