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MFPD board members vote unanimously to OK $464,573 contract for new pumper

Hendricks outlines how staff arrived at recommendation

Mike Anthony
Executive Editor
September 05, 2012 - The Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors voted unanimously last week to award a $464,573 contract to Schuhmacher Fire Equipment for a new pumper.

A total of seven bids were submitted for the new pumper, ranging from Leo Ellebracht's low bid of $450,889 to Precision Fire Apparatus' high bid of $517,148.

Fire Chief Brian Hendricks told the board that of the seven bids, "two of them came the closest to our specification. It is my recommendation and the recommendation of our staff that we issue the purchase order to Pierce Manufacturing/Schuhmacher Fire Equipment …"

The district will take delivery of the new pumper within 150 to 180 days, according to the chief.

Banner Fire Equipment, which submitted a bid of $478,376, came close to meeting the district's specification, Hendricks told the Board of Directors Aug. 30.

"… They did not come as close to meeting our specification (as Schuhmacher), but they were close enough that I that felt they should be a horse in the race," he said.

Board Treasurer Bonnie Stegman's motion to award the contract to Schuhmacher was seconded by board Secretary Ed Ryan and unanimously approved.

Earlier in the meeting, Hendricks outlined how district officials reached their recommendation to award the contract to Schuhmacher.

"… When we are set for a new truck, we do a needs assessment. That needs assessment is based on the current needs of the district, the needs of the still-alarm area in which this primary piece of apparatus will be used, as well as taking into consideration future needs of apparatus," he said.

"As technology advances, there's a need for different items. So the specification that we put out covered all of those items ...," Hendricks said. "There's many things in this specification that we've taken into consideration ..."

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