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Reader hates to break the bad news, but ...

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Mr. Clint Zolman writes in the Feb. 5 Call that he does not want a casino anywhere near the Jefferson Barracks Na-tional Cemetery.

He says the cemetery should not be disturbed by billboards, neon signs or flashing lights.

I don't know how to break the bad news to Mr. Zolman, but the cemetery has and is being disturbed. Have you ever heard of a thing called Wal-Mart? They've got a big, monster of a building, not across the road, but so close it's butted right up against the headstones. Now you just can't get any closer than that.

I guess I shouldn't open my yap if I'm not absolutely sure, but I have heard for years that the piece of property upon which Wal-Mart stands, was once the property of the cemetery.

If this is really so, then I guess it's true, "money does talk."

I want to be put to rest at Jefferson Bar-racks, but they are running out of room. Every day, a dozen or so people are buried there and that's OK, I'm in no hurry.

But I can't help but think that when they do run out of room, how many guys like myself could have fit comfortably in that big chunk of ground upon which Wal-Mart sits.

Harvey Meyer

Green Park

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